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Location: Bhedaghat
Country: India
Situated at: Madhya Pradesh - State
Nearest City: Jabalpur, 20 km from Jabalpur.
Nearest Airport: Jabalpur(20 km)
Nearest Railway Station: Jabalpur(21 km)
District: Jabalpur.
Population: (2001)1,840.
Language: Hindi.
Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30)
Telephone Code: (0761)
Vehical Registration: MP-20
Pin Code: 482053



                      DUANDHAR FALL

Soaring in glittering splendour, the Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat rise to a hundred feet on either side of the Narmada. The serene loveliness of the scene is Bhedaghatone of cool quiet, the sunlight sparkling on the marble-white pinnacles and casting dappled shadows on the pellucid waters. These white rocks with views of black and dark green volcanic seams are truly majestic, and produce a magical effect on moonlit nights. The holy river flows by tranquilly flanked by the towering cliffs which reflect in it like a mirror the changing moods of nature.

A little distance away, it becomes turbulent as it plunges in a mighty water fall known as Dhuandhar. In his Highlands of Central India Captain J. Forsyth speaks eloquently about the infinitely varied beauty of the rocks: "the eye never wearies of the ... effect produced by the broken and reflected sunlight, now glancing from a pinnacle of snow-white marble reared against the deep blue of the sky as from a point of silver, touching here and there with bright lights the prominence of the middle heights and again losing itself in the soft bluish grays of their recesses. . .



                       MARBLE ROCK

Here and there the white saccharine limestone is seamed by veins of dark green or black volcanic rock; a contrast which only enhances like a setting of jet, the purity of the surrounding marble."


                                                   CHAUSATH YOGINI TEMPLES

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